No Changes in the Malaysia's Current Minimum Wage… Hmmmm

No Changes in the Malaysia's Current Minimum Wage… Hmmmm
Mar 4, 2019
3:58 pm

by Audrey Goon

The Human Resources Minister, M. Kulasegaran stated that our Malaysian government has No Intention of changing the current minimum wage of RM1100.

Apalah… Well, on the good side, at least there’s no decrease la lol.

The Minister further added that the current minimum wage CANNOT BE LESS THAN RM1100 and they will execute any appropriate action if there is any employer found to be paying less than that.

For people who are thinking “wah RM1100 is not enough to cover up my monthly spendings le,” Kulasegaran mentioned that the minimum wage committee will continue their consideration and discussion regarding the standards of the FUTURE minimum wage.

As quoted by him, “From a legal point of view, the minimum wage will be REVIEWED EVERY TWO YEARS.”

By the time it has been revised, 1 plate of Nasi Lemak in a mamak stall would be RM10 lo....

Oh well, lets continue to work with hope fellow workers! We never know what will happen in the future ;)

In addition, the Minister encouraged Malaysian parents to change their perceptions about sending their children to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) because Malaysia needs more people with technical skills.

He further strengthened his opinion by stating that 95% of those who completed their TVET courses had jobs waiting for them. The remaining 5% do not want to work, it’s not a lack of jobs.

Take note, people. All the best in your working life and journey!

Fiqa rm50 is for one day i guess

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