GRAB SG Charges SGD$4 for Cancellation of Ride!

GRAB SG Charges SGD$4 for Cancellation of Ride!
Mar 6, 2019
11:15 am

by Mitchell W.

After hearing about this, I don't know which would GrabCar drivers prefer...for the customer to be on time for the pick-up or for them to cancel the ride??

Beginning next Monday (11 March 2019), there's gonna be a new rule to booking your Grab ride in Singapore -- and that is if you cancel your ride 5 minutes AFTER a confirmed booking, you will be charged SGD$4.00 (RM12.00).

So coming back to my initial question of which would GrabCar drivers prefer, I think if you cancel your ride with a Singaporean GrabCar driver, you would make him/her very happy -- instant easy SGD$4, cause they get to take 100% of the fee!

Eh for 2 cancelled rides, you could buy these at McD!

  1. Big Mac meal - SGD$ 7.50
  2. The original Angus meal - SGD$ 7.95
  3. 9 pcs chicken nuggets meal - SGD$ 7.95
  4. Grilled chicken wrap meal - SGD$ 7.55

Now do you see why Cancelling rides ain't a big issue for GrabCar drivers in Singapore??

"We believe that this update makes cancellations fairer for everyone," said Grab in the announcement.

It also only gets worse for GrabCar users and here's why:

If you continuously practice the bad habit of being a delinquent when it comes to booking your ride, you will be charged SGD$5.00 (RM15.00) if you cancel for the third time within a week (7 days).

So guys..and girls...plan ahead before booking a ride, and save your fellow Singaporean from being "too far committed" into the journey over to your location.

Lets be courteous why don't we :)

Fiqa haha padan muka kat orang yang cancel tu

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