17-Year-Old 'Bapak Ayam' Caught for Running "Business" on Facebook.

17-Year-Old 'Bapak Ayam' Caught for Running "Business" on Facebook.

by Mitchell W.

Here's one of those moments of "entrepreneurship-gone-wrong."

This 17-year-old Indonesian kid was caught last Thursday by Tanjung Priok Port Police for running an online child-prostitution business on Facebook!

Known as EGR, he was arrested in a hotel located in North Jakarta, as confirmed by Tanjung Priok Port Police criminal investigation unit chief Adj. Comr. Moh Faruk Rozi -- also stating that a cyber-patrol team was able to zero-in to his location as he offered prostitution services through a Facebook account under the name 'Tasya Ayusari'.

Don't try searching for this account as it has been taken down -- we've tried lookin' it up.

Part of the infiltration process started with an investigator who posed as a potential customer offering IDR4 million (approximately RM1,160) for a 15-year-old girl -- and EDR was caught right-handed when he brought over the requested "service".

EGR is being charged under Indonesia's 2007 law on human trafficking and the 2008 law on electronic information and transactions (ITE)... and if convicted, he'll be facing a maximum jail sentence of 15 years.

...all this for IDR500,000 (approximately RM145) per 'booking'..

Mitch's Note: You could make this much per client by being a personal trainer! You'd be running a legit business that helps others get into a much sexier shape and live a better lifestyle -- and at least you won't get thrown into prison for a quarter of your adult life.

I hope this serves as a lesson for those of you who are looking to make quick money on Facebook.

Don't throw away your life for something this stupid!

Vanei Koh WTF

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