What's Going On with WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook ?!?!

What's Going On with WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook ?!?!
Mar 14, 2019
3:54 pm

by Mitchell W.

Today kicked off like the coming of an Apocalypse -- Instagram & Facebook isn't working!

No one knows what the heck is happening but both social media apps were on a on-off streak throughout the day -- working one minute and then failing to load the next. 

Yo it was freaking frustrating, especially for those of us who work social media jobs!

...but the one that caused the biggest scare was that WhatsApp seem to be failing as well!

Idk if you guys tried, but we couldn't send images or videos -- and sending/receiving messages were damn ass laggy weyh!

So what was the only alternative for these THREE (3)apps to reach out to its users but to go onto its rival site, Twitter!

Imagine, the only time people Twitter is being used is to find out more about what happened to Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp. LOLLLLLLL!!!

There should be a book written on the historic happening of today and entitle it: 'The Rise of Twitter: Saving the Day AGAIN.'

About an hour after users first noted the outage, Facebook responded on Twitter. It also noted that “the issue is not related to a DDoS attack.”

Literally the worst thing that you could see in the morning while having your breakfast....

Well as of right now, it seems to be alright again -- I mean despite some glitches here and there.

We'll be sure to update you when we hear more on what's the cause of these blackouts and when would all the apps be back to normal don't panic smile

Maybe it's a good time to get off social media for now and spend some real face-to-face interaction time with Family and Friends -- way cooler if you ask me laughing

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