Italian Judges Freed 2 Rapists Cause the Victim was "TOO MASCULINE"... DAFUQ?!

Italian Judges Freed 2 Rapists Cause the Victim was "TOO MASCULINE"... DAFUQ?!
Mar 15, 2019
8:41 am

by Mitchell W.

Ancona appeal Court in Rome may have just made a whole lot of us reading this, question the sanity of these Italian female judges for ruling out a rape case just cause this woman was deemed "too ugly and masculine" to be taken advantaged of.

What happened was, TWO (2) Peruvian men have literally gotten "LUCKY" for forcefully satisfying their "genitals" and being acquitted of all charges against them for raping a now-24-year-old Peruvian woman in the Italian city of Ancona in 2015.

The court's decision did raised a riot as many were unhappy with the ruling to free the rapists just cause the two had claim that they "didn't find her attractive, she was too masculine." -- even to a point that they saved her number in their phone as "Viking"...

In the judges' 22-pages reasoning for overturning the initial ruling (sentencing of five years in prison in 2016), it was also stated that "photograph present in her file would appear to confirm this."


It is pretty apparent that the Ancona appeal court is incapable of making a justified reasoning for something as serious as "rape" cause despite doctors writing in a report confirming that the victim's injuries were consistent with rape and that there were traces of a "date rape" drug found in her blood, 14 stitches to her vagina just didn't seem "SERIOUS" enough for these judges.

"It is an outrage that it is still female victims of violence who are judged, rather than the authors of the violence," said a local branch of the CGIL trade union.

The Italian justice minister has subsequently opened an investigation into the Ancona appeals court ruling, according to the Ansa news we're hoping for rightful actions to be taken -- against both these two rapists and the three females judges.

Vanei Koh unfair.

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