Kiren Raj -- to Forgive & Forget or to Severely Punish?

Kiren Raj -- to Forgive & Forget or to Severely Punish?
Mar 20, 2019
11:45 am

by Mitchell W.

It's been an emotional rollercoaster for this Kiren fella -- from talking sh*t to making a public apology, with hopes of being forgiven.

So just to recap on what he said in his so-called apology, "the comments I’ve posted were not directed at any individual, and meant no harm. The comments were my imagination in nature. Upon realising, I removed my comments as soon as possible. I also formally retract my comments.”

Here's where we immediately knew that he wasn't sincere... cause if he knew that his comments were incredibly sexist towards women and damn insensitive towards the Family and Friends of Emily Kong, he wouldn't have added more sh*t comments..

Click HERE to see what I mean...

Kiren adds by saying, “I’m deeply remorseful that my comments have offended many netizens. I would never do anything like this again,” while looking "remorseful"... I personally don't buy this bullsh*t even for a minute tbh...

I'm pretty sure he isn't remorseful for what he said...more like he is just sorry he was caught. Pfft....

“Sometimes we say things are not appropriate and we should be responsible and apologise. We should better ourselves. This is sincere from the bottom of my heart. I appeal to all of you to please accept my apology,” says Kiren.

Let's hear what these University Women have to say about it.

Have a watch:

Personally, I agree that no one is perfect and mistakes are part of growing up in life...but I feel challenged emotionally when I continue to read his comments.

Have we all made mistakes that we have deeply regretted doing cause of "anger" or sudden drive to practice freedom of speech? I'm sure we all have...

However, I'm not God and I can't judge him cause I've made my own fair share of stupidity and the best we can all do is pray that he is a man of his word and turns over a new leaf.

Now it's a time for us to all just move on with our lives and let him ponder back on his actions -- cause this kinda publicity ain't good for someone studying to be a doctor...

Perhaps he should really start looking for a new profession cause I don't think he's gonna get many patients -- least of all Women & Chinese people anyway...

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