Shots Fired at Dr. M...but by Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim! WHAAAT?!

Shots Fired at Dr. M...but by Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim! WHAAAT?!
Apr 29, 2019
10:06 am

by Mitchell W.

First, just take a look at this video of Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim's comment from his car...

To put the story into a quick summary, fans along the road chanted "Hidup TMJ" but one shouted "change Mora", in reference to JDT's coach Benjamin Mora.

It could possibly be a joke but the Sultan of Johor's quick-fire comment was pretty uncalled for, saying "instead of changing Mora, it's better to change the prime minister," -- resulting to a burst of laughter from the crowd.

Now he may not have meant anything more than a "joke", seeing as Mahathir has gone far beyond the age of retirement, but Dr. M seems to not be so fond of the comment.

Dr. M noted that in a democracy, prime ministers can only be changed by public vote, but ascension to the throne is not cast in stone for the heir-designate.

"We need to remember the past when a crown prince had to abdicate and the position was given to his younger brother. That's the crown prince, a crown prince can be changed. Only the people can change the prime minister, not just anybody or someone who thinks he is big," says the Malaysian prime minister.

(The Prime Minister was referring to the case of late Sultan Iskandar Sultan Ismail of Johor, then the crown prince who lost the status in 1961 over alleged misbehaviour.)

"He thinks he is 'orang besar' (someone big), but he is just 'orang kecil' (an ordinary person). If he thinks he's big, go and vote and oust me," Tun M said sarcastically.

Oooooooo...Dr. M comes back swinging!

So who do you think took this round?

We're gonna call it, "Dr. M | 1-0 | Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim"

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