Jho Low's Superyacht has Gotten a New Name.

Jho Low's Superyacht has Gotten a New Name.
May 2, 2019
11:56 am

by Mitchell W.

Since Jho Low's superyacht 'Equanimity' was bought over by Genting Malaysia Bhd for USD$126 Million, it has now gotten a new name -- 'Tranquility'.

Click HERE for the news on Genting purchasing the 'Equanimity'.

The last people heard of the superyacht's whereabout was in Langkawi, but we've received news that it is currently in Singapore for a full makeover.

Well more like undergoing repair and maintenance works -- but I think that's a nicer way for the media to actually mean that it's possibly being disinfected of Jho Low's unwanted DNA stains??

It's gonna cost quite a pretty penny to rename the superyacht, I should think...

Anyway, apart from being disinfected of "stains", the vessel is also undergoing checks and maintenance at the Loyang offshore base near Changi to ensure that its engine and other equipment on board are in working condition.

“The ship is also receiving haul and propeller polishing, a process to remove the barnacles underneath it as it has been berthed for a long time,” according to a source.

The plan is for 'Tranquility' to be sailed over to Hong Kong for Genting's sister company Genting Hong Kong to serve high rollers and other VIP customers, as part of its cruise line business.

I'm pretty sure the Malaysian government is glad to have had offloaded the superyacht by selling it to Genting Malaysia Bhd cause it actually had cost them RM15 Million to maintain it, 8 months prior to selling it off.

Vanei Koh (Y)

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