AI TECH .. How the "Azmin" Porn was easily created.

AI TECH .. How the "Azmin" Porn was easily created.
Jun 14, 2019
10:30 am

by Mitchell W.

Living in an era such as ours has become quite exciting -- with great technologies and advancement that we thought we'd only ever experience when we watch a movie.

However, with great technology comes even greater responsibilities right?

What we're referring to is about the political s*x scandal that popped up earlier this week involving a cabinet minister and Haziq Aziz, amongst others (which we're unable to disclose).

You can read about it by clicking HERE.

As most of you have heard, there have been claims that this confession video made by the "supposed" Haziq Aziz, isn't actually Haziq Aziz...

So we have a theory about how this claim could possibly be true.

Watch this video:


I mean, I'm no tech geek...nor do I have the time to do such "advanced editing"...but there could possibly be someone out there who had too much time on his hands(?)

We haven't gotten to the bottom of the story yet but we'll be sure to let you guys know more when we do cool

Till then...

In the Age of AI Video Production, the following video reveals with scary ease, how our Photos can compromised into a "Fake" Video.

WARNING: LADIES .. don't let your Photos get into the Wrong Hands ..

Vanei Koh seriously..

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