Syed Saddiq Bringing Back GOJEK & Malaysians are Pissed.

Syed Saddiq Bringing Back GOJEK & Malaysians are Pissed.
Aug 23, 2019
10:19 am

by Mitchell W.

With already so many Malaysian e-services available, we're all wondering why is there a need for a foreign e-service provider that does the exact same thing that we are already doing.

A couple of days back, the Malaysian Cabinet approved of Indonesian motorcyle e-hailing service 'Gojek' to operate in Malaysia, though specific legislation regarding the matter had yet to be discussed or finalised.

"In principle, the Cabinet today has given Gojek the green light to operate here," says Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof.

"The Youth and Sports Ministry and the Transport Ministry have been tasked to discuss in detail on developing Gojek's services in the country in terms of rules and laws and where it should be allowed to operate," he added.

Who then brought up this idea?

None other than Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq.

"In our efforts to help the 'mat motor' (motorcyclists) group, it is not enough to have one-off programmes or build racing tracks. They want to be defended, they wants jobs. Those are the more important issues, not just one-off programmes," he said.

"By the grace of God, we want to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for the 'mat motor' group by helping the uncles and aunties who run small kiosks and businesses."

The thing is... many Malaysians are not happy nor supportive of this.

Have a look:

There have been some opposing views to Syed's proposal, with some calling it "backwards thinking".

"Syed Saddiq is an educated minister but while other ministers are talking about flying cars and third national cars, he is asking young people to become dispatchers," said Big Blue Taxi Services founder Shamsubahrin Ismail.

"We have so many problems between taxi operators and e-hailing companies. Adding another player will lead to more issues," says Dr Law Teik Hua.

"My problem is this: why is a cabinet minister lobbying for a private business, a foreign one at that? It's not your job. In fact, in some democracies, that is considered a corrupt act," posted former independent Port Dickson by-election candidate Stevie Chan, on Twitter.

Netizens also shared their concern that Gojek riders will make Malaysian roads more dangerous.

"Adding motorcycles on the road is kinda the opposite of trying to be a developed nation," said BFM 89.9 executive producer Jeff Sandhu.

So far, it seems like there are more opposing opinions of Syed's proposal than there are supportive.

We want to know...

What do YOU think?

Would Gojek be an added bonus to Malaysia's economy or just another nuisance on the roads?

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