Protest Rally in the Hundreds Last Night @ Brickfields.

Protest Rally in the Hundreds Last Night @ Brickfields.
Aug 24, 2019
2:19 am

by Mitchell W.

It was brought to my attention last night by a friend of mine, that there was a rally happening last night right in front of her house @ Brickfields...and seeing people getting arrested by the cops.

So here's the sitch...

This rally was held to sound the opposing voices of "Little India" on the subject that the Education Ministry had proposed for Standard 4 students in Tamil schools, to have 'khat' lessons.

'Khat' is now known as 'Jawi'.

"We are here today to give a voice to the voiceless," says rally organiser Shankar Ganesh.

Out of the few hundreds of unhappy civilians, two were arrested by the police for questioning... K Umagandhan of the Naan Oru Tamilan education group and Chinese educationist Tan Boon Tak.

"It was meant to be a peaceful rally. Umagandhan was only there to disperse the crowd , once he was aware that there was no valid authorisation," says lawyer, Devaneson Ganesan.

Just to clarify, the purpose of the arrests was solely because organisers went ahead with the rally despite police saying its application was incomplete.

No one was harmed, so no reports thus far of police brutality.

It is advised for us to avoid going into Brickfields if possible as we have no clue of when this protest will end -- seeing as there is another issue to be addressed, in the form of Malaysia's controversial preacher Zakir Naik.

Be safe out there, and if you see a rally going on...turn about and walk the other way.

We want you guys to be safe.

Vanei Koh these ppl too free

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