There's a Math Genius-turn-Pedophile Now Studying @ UKM! BEWARE!!

There's a Math Genius-turn-Pedophile Now Studying @ UKM! BEWARE!!

by Mitchell W.

Third-year student at Imperial College London, Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, had previously served 9 months in a UK prison after being charged on 13 offences of possessing and production of children pornography.

Now we understand that watching "porno" is pretty natural for millennials in their adolescence...but a kink for young kids is just wrong in ALL areas.

The math genius was offered a second chance at life by being given an opportunity to complete his education in any MARA institution of his choice, upon release from prison.

He was secretly "smuggled" back to Malaysia after serving his shortened sentence in 2015.

It had come to our attention that Nur Fitri is now studying in UKM Bangi and netizens are sharing out alerts and warnings all over the internet.

A Science and Technology faculty professor at the institution had confirmed that the now-27-year-old convicted felon is pursuing his PhD, under his supervision.

"Actually, he registered to be a Masters student and managed to complete his Masters in a year. Throughout the time he succeeded in producing good work and achieved good results," says the professor.

The professor explained that after being approved by the university, Nur Fitri was able to transfer to become a PhD student.

"I admit he is very smart. In terms of percentage of genius... I would say he makes the top five percent," the professor adds.

"I told him directly, I know his story. He told me that what he did was not wrong."

Now THAT is very worrying... after serving a sentence, he still isn't remorseful. Maybe he shouldn't have had his sentencing shortened. SOMEONE SEND HIM BACK FOR CORRECTION PLEASE!

His past crimes just seems too big for people to look past; especially hearing that Nur Fitri also looks to give tutoring to students.


As much as we believe that everyone deserve a second chance at redemption, it doesn't automatically mean that we let them off the hook so easily.

As a cousin & uncle to kids who are still under 13 years old, I'm deeply concerned...and I'm sure many of you out there are to.

I do truly hope and pray that Nur Fitri comes to his senses quick and repent of his sins.

Time to grow up dude... we're of the same age and even I know that pedophilia is DEAD WRONG.

For the rest of us with young siblings, relatives, or even children...please be aware.

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