The Alley Reveal Limited Edition Drink in Partnership with HONOR.

The Alley Reveal Limited Edition Drink in Partnership with HONOR.
Aug 24, 2019
3:57 am

by Mitchell W.

What a great time for HONOR smartphone users, and an even better time if you've just bought HONOR's latest flagship device...the HONOR 20 Pro...


Cause now you can get a 50% discount @ The Alley!

In what I would call an unlikely alliance, I'm glad to be proven wrong cause since the collaboration of The Alley x HONOR, social media is gonna be flooded with beautiful and elegant-looking beverages that's already driving the world crazy!

From now till 14 SEPT 2019, you get 50% off for the 'Capture Wonder' if you own an HONOR 20 PRO.

T&C: You're only allowed one redemption per receipt.

(No one said anything against redeeming multiple times via separate transactions though...) wink

HONOR 20 Pro is up for sale now @ RM2,299...and it comes with FREE gifts of up to RM500 in value.

The drink is called 'Capture Wonder' to pay homage to the HONOR 20 PRO's distinctive colours and holographic design.

It is an infusion of peach juice with green tea...that comes with the added bonus of brilliant food science for that aesthetic beauty.

For all of you "Alley fans", there are other choices to choose from its 'Aurora Series' too...

Oh.. did I mention that it could somewhat sorta "glow in the dark" too?

Head on over to the nearest 'The Alley' now and try 'em all!


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