Malaysia C-Virus Thursday 9th July- Only 6 Cases Imported For Today! ( 0 Local Cases)

Malaysia C-Virus Thursday 9th July- Only 6 Cases Imported For Today! ( 0 Local Cases)
Jul 10, 2020
12:47 pm

Covid-19 news update! We once again maintain our ZERO mark for local cases. Reports from health officials show that only 5 of the imported cases are local Malaysians and 1 of them is a non-Malaysian.

Sources from

Let’s look at our Covid-19 progress so far.

Sources from

Since the launch of RMCO, there are only 36 positive cases confirmed so far.

(Looks like we are obeying the SOPS very obediently, eh. *Wink Wink!*)

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>2 MINS READ: Universities will reopen in October with SOPS in place.

Let’s compare and contrast with other countries.


Remember in March this country was in very bad shape? More than thousands cases were confirmed and hundreds of people were dying each day. Now? Take a look


Wala! After all the hard battles, Italy has finally controlled the outbreak. Fantastico!

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Another of our SEA neighbour who always gives us a headache with haze issues. Look at their chart below:


Their cases increase by more than 800 in a day. Wow! Now I am grateful to be in Malaysia

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After postponing the 2020 Olympics, looks like things got better between May and June. July has signs of the second wave coming up, but the virus is still under control. Hopefully, there is a chance for us to go Japan and watch the Sakura next year.

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 It’s great that Malaysia has fully flattened the curve. BUT, don’t take ir easy as other countries are not done yet… the USA.

2 MINS WATCH: In a single day, cases increase to a near 3 million in USA

Remember stay safe and stay healthy, and if you have nothing to do, then STAY HOME LAH!

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