Malaysia C-Virus Friday 10th July Roundup- Total 13 Positive Cases, 0 Deaths

Malaysia C-Virus Friday 10th July Roundup- Total 13 Positive Cases, 0 Deaths
Jul 10, 2020
7:07 pm

A slight increase in cases but we are all still good.

Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has announced at a press conference today that Malaysia has another 13 new Coronavirus positive cases. On the bright side, there were no deaths and 12 patients have successfully recovered. This brings the total number of patients discharged so far to 8,511 (97.9% of the total number of cases)

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We are 2.1% away from the 100% recovery rate. Come on Malaysia, we are almost there!

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Good news is the last patient receiving treatment at the Covid-19 Low-Risk Patient Quarantine and Treatment Centre located at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) has been discharged.

By July 15, the temporary centre will officially cease operations.

One centre closes, less infected patients, this means the country is getting better!

Where is Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation currently standing among the ASEAN countries?

According to a report by ASEAN Briefing,  Brunei and Laos are the first 2 countries that successfully bring the curve down to zero. At this moment, the 2 highest countries are Indonesia (1,611 new infections) and the Philippines (1,160 new infections).

After calculating the total amount of cases for each country, here is the list:

  • Indonesia- 72, 347 cases
  • Philippines- 52, 914 cases
  • Singapore- 45, 613 cases
  • Malaysia- 8, 696 cases
  • Thailand- 3, 202 cases
  • Vietnam- 369 cases
  • Myanmar- 321 cases
  • Cambodia- 141 cases
  • Brunei- 139 cases
  • Laos- 19 cases

Indonesia is now the country that records the highest amount of Covid-19 cases. The worst part is, the virus is still spreading widely in the country.

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Though Malaysia is at 4th place, we still see progress in our efforts to contain the virus. Yes, we can never be in the last place, but who wants to be the first place for such matter anyway?

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