Lenovo's "Different Innovates Better" Brings New Technology To The Table

Lenovo's "Different Innovates Better" Brings New Technology To The Table
Feb 8, 2017
4:03 pm

What's this about?

Lenovo brings us the latest products in the market at the Consumer Electronics show 2017 launch. Following the set theme "Different Innovates Better", Lenovo shows how each and every product serves to meet the evolving needs of the consumers and push boundaries of traditional product categories.


What were the highlights?

Lenovo has launched a new sub-brand called Lenovo Legion, which introduces two gaming laptops Lenovo Legion Y720 and Lenovo Legion Y520 respectively. Equipped with the latest NVIDIA graphic cards and Intel's i7 core processor, it offers a true VR experience with VIDIA [email protected] GTX 1060 graphics and is the first laptop fitted with Dolby Atmos for audio. Lenovo also introduces a partnership with Google that brings Project Tango into the market; a platform that enables mobile devices to calculate the depth and width of its environment as well as detect the various positions of objects in the room, therefore able to provide augmented reality experiences.


How do I find out more?

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