Top 6 Features You Need To Know About the GoPro Hero 9

Top 6 Features You Need To Know About the GoPro Hero 9
Sep 17, 2020
5:55 pm

Calling all photography and videography lovers! If you are thinking of investing in the new GoPro Hero 9, you would want to know this.


  1. Bigger in every way

GoPro has made Hero 9 noticeably larger than last year’s edition. The battery, body and resolution all got bigger in size. Despite the size, the weight is relatively light to carry around. There is a large back touchscreen, 2.27 inches diagonally. Similar like previous editions, it has the same USB-C port, microSD card slot and batter compartment.

The only difference is a weird looking piece, which is called the “Drain Mic”. The design is meant to drain the water out after soaking the GoPro in water. Likewise, it makes the audio clearer as well.



  1. Removable front lens cover

Bringing back the same feature from Hero 7, Hero 9 has the removable front lens cover that creates a great way of mounting ND filters and also lens accessories. The only disadvantage is ND filters from previous editions will not be compatible with the Hero 9.


  1. Hassle Free Front Facing Screen

In the past, we keep referring our apps for a better framing. Now, Hero 9 comes with an instant view on the front of the camera. You can even switch the screen ratio and display. The only drawback is users will face some lag when recording.


  1. Larger Batteries and Less Heat

In Hero 9, batteries are bumped up from 1,220mAh to 1,720mAh. Despite the bigger batteries, you won’t experience the heat unlike GoPro 8. The device can be sustained with one battery till the end of the night. However, 2 batteries are still needed for heavy recordings.


  1. Resolution! Resolution! Resolution!

Hero 9 comes with a 20-megapixel sensor and can record 5K 30fps, 4K 60fps, and all the way up to 1080p 240fps. The best part is the 5K footage is super crisp. High definition and great quality for a video that definitely satisfies your perfectionist mind.


  1. New Mods That Will Never Make Your Adventure Boring

GoPro will be releasing a Max Lens mod for $99, which is the company’s first lens mod. Enjoy wider frame and horizontal levelling regardless the camera orientation. The only limitation is the resolution only sets at 2.7K, yet you can still get a wider frame for that.



So there you go, all 6 features available here. Given the cost is $449, all the upgrades are reasonably worth the price.

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Credits to The Verge for the initial coverage.

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