5 Breezy Instagrammable Places To Eat In The Sphere, Bangsar South

5 Breezy Instagrammable Places To Eat In The Sphere, Bangsar South
Sep 29, 2020
3:59 pm

Located in Bangsar South, The Sphere is an upper-class area that hosts many restaurants and eateries. From the outside, you may only see plain minimalistic colours, but when you start walking in further, you will see natural florals lighting up the space with a chill, relaxing and soothing charm. 

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  1. Portofino


Immerse in the Italian senses with traditional authentic Italian cuisines from Portofino. Named after a small fishing village in Italy, Portofino was established back in 2014 by an Italian expat who was passionate about Italian cooking. Portorino’s specialty ranges from homemade fresh pasta to sweet savoury desserts, all made with authentic Italian ingredients.

The best dish to stick around is the Risotto, creamy and slightly starchy, the base and tomato sauce basically elevate the dish to a whole new level.




  1. Parklife

Designed with a simple bright interior decor, this Mediterranean inspired café serves tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes crafted by a Penang born chef who used to lead a London-based deli. Parklife is famous for their frittatas, couscous, fennel dishes and more. Meat-eaters, don’t be disappointed too fast as the restaurant is not strictly plant-based.



  1. Khan Indian Cuisine


Once featured in Star 2, Khan's Indian Cuisine is one of those Indian restaurants that sets a high standard for quality Indian cooking. You can find both northern and southern Indian flavours here created by Chef Harun. Founded by Dato Idrus Mohd Satha, the restaurant was well thought out with inspiration from  his trip to India for an entire year. 

If you are a first timer, you must check out their Butter Chicken and Nasi Biryani, which are their bestsellers of all time. 

Khan Indian Cuisine  


  1. Sunbather Coffee


Coffee lovers, this is a place you will never forget. Discover Japanese Western fusion meals such as lemon mentaiko linguini, beef 'hambagu,' smoked salmon egg muffins and their famous The Ajitsuke Tamago Sando aka ramen egg sandwich. Moments like this are best spent with a cup of coffee. Indulge in their House’s signature specials crafted with beans from different parts of the world.


Sunbather Coffee


  1. The Farm Foodcraft

Inspired by nature themed ambience, The Farm Foodcraft wows visitors with their customized chandelier decoration with pitcher plants, a ‘secret’ hydroponic lab, and comfortable al fresco seating with benches. The whole concept is meant to advocate recipes using organic food freshly from farms.

The café serves Western and Malaysian local flavours. Besides, discover colourful healthy smoothies and juices that refreshes your taste buds. best part is, diners wouldn’t feel the Malaysian heat inside due to fillers of nature plants.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a perfect spot to host an event, this venue is one to be considered. Click here for more photos.

Farm Food Craft


All in all, The Sphere is one quality space for people to chill out for the weekend. Eateries are a 10/10, ambience is also a 10/10.


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Credits to KL Foodie and Malaysia Tatler for the initial coverage

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