Would You Accept A RM1800 Job In A Nasi Lemak Store?

Would You Accept A RM1800 Job In A Nasi Lemak Store?
Oct 20, 2020
2:44 pm

Usually, minimum wages in Malaysia range between RM900 and RM1100. As an intern, you probably get paid around that amount as well.

Besides, with the current pandemic climate, wages are suffering major cuts. Some labour workers have even lost their jobs. But, for this Nasi Lemak store, they choose to do the opposite way round.

A Twitter user has posted a job notice he saw recently while he was passing by Sunway Mas. The store surprisingly offers a minimum wage starting at RM1500 to RM1800. Shockingly, the amount is higher than some entry level jobs in the market. 


The offer is more lucrative as compared to well-known brands in the market like Starbucks and Nandos. 



Hmm…given the current economic climate in Malaysia, would you accept a job at this Nasi Lemak store? If I am desperate for it, why not? Money is life.....

Donald Duck Money Money Money GIF - DonaldDuck MoneyMoneyMoney GIFs 


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