Fitness Influencer From Ukraine Died Of Covid-19

Fitness Influencer From Ukraine Died Of Covid-19
Oct 22, 2020
4:52 pm

They say eat healthy and workout, you will keep illnesses away. However, Covid-19 is a very peculiar illness that even athletes and fitness influencers couldn’t avoid.  

Dmitriy Stuzhuk, 33 is a fitness influencer from Ukraine and he once told his social media followers that Covid-19 was a hoax. Sadly, he was infected by the virus after a trip back from Turkey in September.


While being treated in the hospital, he took a selfie of him wearing a ventilator and warned his followers that the virus is deadly.

However, after leaving the hospital for 8 days, his condition deteriorated and was rushed back to the hospital again. His ex-wife, Sofia then took to Instagram to confirm he has passed away from Covid-19.

The couple has 3 children together and they split up 6 months ago. Sofia went on to further explain that Stuzhuk had “problems with his cardiovascular system and his heart failed to cope with the disease. When he was in hospital, his state was extremely grave.


He once thought it didn’t exist, now he became it’s victim.

We send our thoughts and prayers to his family. Please do not assume that Covid-19 is a hoax. This is not something you can mess with!


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Credits to RedChilli21 My for the initial coverage.

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