Everyday Value with Dominos Pizza (Woohoo!)

Everyday Value with Dominos Pizza (Woohoo!)


Due to the COVID-19 situation, there has been a surge for demand in food delivery services. While many consumers are required to pay for delivery fees when having food delivered, Domino’s as a pioneer in delivery services encourages its consumers to take advantage of its FREE delivery service which in turn, expands the value of consumer savings, alongside the value of the meal itself. In its expanded version of 'Buy 1 Free 2' menu, Domino’s now provides customers “more for free”, where more selections of free items are available for customers to choose from with FREE and Zero Contact Delivery within a 30-minute delivery guarantee.



“Everyday Value” reflects Domino’s effort not only to ease its customers’ financial burden through these challenging times, but also to offer safety and convenience. The significance of “Everyday Value” is clearly demonstrated through its pizza offerings for as low as RM5 for a personal pizza and a 50% off for Regular, Large and Xtra Large with the availability of its seamless take-away service, Pandu Ambil, a convenient kitchen-to-car take-away experience which saves the customers the hassle of looking for parking to receive their take-away orders.

Customers have the freedom to choose the 2 free items from a wider spread of selection such as bread sides, Crazy Chicken Crunchies, Chocolate Lava Cake, Banana Kaya dessert and a Regular pizza, specially tailored for all the combos with every purchase of one Regular, Large or Xtra Large pizza from either ‘Me,Myself & I’ set, ‘Aku & Dia’ set or ‘Geng’ set providing customers the convenience and value to share with friends and family all day long.



Domino’s Everyday Value is available nationwide.

Keen to get a hold of more great offers to savor your cravings? Stay tuned with Domino’s for additional offers set in line in the upcoming weeks! To learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and its ongoing promotions, visit

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