Taiwanese YouTuber Stabbed Trying to Break-Up a Fight

Taiwanese YouTuber Stabbed Trying to Break-Up a Fight

A Taiwanese Youtuber by the name of Chao Ai Jia (surname Wu) was reportedly stabbed twice in the back (ouch!) after trying to stop a fight.

The dispute happened at the entrance of a dance hall in Lingya District, Kaohsiung, on Monday, (22 February 2021). According to various reports, the 31-year-old Wu and four other friends were drinking as they came out of a dance hall.

Image via 10Times

(Lingya District, Kaohsiung) Image via Wikimedia Commons


Wu Allegedly witnessed a fight that broke out and tried to stop the men involved. Unfortunately, he was involuntarily dragged into the commotion which resulted in him being stabbed twice in the back with foldable knives.

Image via Nestia


The men that are responsible in the stabbing were identified with the surnames of Tuan and Tsai. Wu was rushed to the hospital for treatment and went to the police station right after. He left the station at 3pm under police escort.

Wu is a Taiwanese Youtuber and deputy head of a group responsible for handling the YouTube channel ‘Mimosa Go’ with a huge number of subscribers (970,000 subscribers).

Image via Mimosa Go (Youtube)


Imagine trying to do a good deed but got attacked instead. We hope that Wu is feeling better after the incident and also hope that police will punish the attackers. Justice shall be served.


Credits to Asia One for the initial coverage.

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