Blackpink’s Jennie and G-Dragon are Dating?!

Blackpink’s Jennie and G-Dragon are Dating?!
Feb 25, 2021
1:01 pm

Hearts are breaking all around the world for Jennie’s fangirls and fanboys after Korean media Dispatch revealed on 24 February 2021 that G-dragon and Jennie have been dating for a year (source:Allkpop).

Wait,a year? And no one saw or suspected anything? That sounds like a miracle TBH especially when Jennie is a huge popular idol right now and how Korean media and fans would literally observe an idol’s every move.

Despite being under the radar for a considerable amount of time, the couple’s relationship was not unknown to those working under the same company (YG Entertainment). A close friend of the two idols from YG shared to Dispatch: "A lot of people in YG noticed their relationship. Jennie's mother is also aware of it, and she is thankful to him for his thoughtful care." 

Image via Allkpop


Other than that, Dispatch actually have been observing the couple (Dispatch really do be Korean celebrity spies) the whole time they were secretly dating. Jennie, 25, and G-Dragon, 32, have been meeting each other at his luxury penthouse apartment located in the neighbourhood of Hannam in Seoul (Ooo, going over boyfriend’s house to Netflix and Chill I see~).

(View of Hannam neighbourhood) Image via Korean Dramaland


There is a separate entrance as well as a private lift that brings her straight to his apartment. Jennie even went as far as to register her car in the security system so that she doesn't have to verify herself every time she visits (Oh it’s  nothing, just another day in an idol’s dating life).

Image via Allkpop


Dispatch’s article also added that Jennie would visit G-Dragon after Blackpink’s schedule. She would either be with her manager or his manager driving her to the apartment. Jennie was also spotted leaving his home on 31 January 2021 to attend a concert.


Their company YG Entertainment has finally responded to the article stating that: "We cannot confirm anything about our artists' personal lives. We ask for your understanding."

However, many fans are conflicted with the news. Some are supportive, some are feeling suspicious and even accused of a possible sexual grooming because of their 8 year age gap and the fact that they have known each other since Jennie was an underaged trainee. Some however, felt that we shouldn’t believe the news fully as YG has yet to make a proper statement.

Image via Allkpop


Whether or not this is true, we would have to wait for YG’s official statement for further confirmation. With that being said, idols have feelings too. The unnecessary pressure of needing to stay single to please fans is a very toxic expectation a Korean idol has to fulfill. It is astonishing that an idol dating is seen as a scandal. Dating is completely normal. Companies and fans should stop feeding into this toxic environment.


Credits to Asia One for the initial coverage.

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