Apple Addresses 3rd Party Dongle Issue

Apple Addresses 3rd Party Dongle Issue
Feb 26, 2021
12:23 pm

As most of you may know (especially Apple users), your MacBook does not come with many ports and you’ll need to carry a lot of dongles with you.


And also, most of the users (or maybe everyone cause people tend to complain about everything) that Apple accessories are expensive and most would turn to 3rd party products to save cost. But in recent times, these 3rd party products have been giving issues where they damage the ports of the MacBook.

Most of these issues were seen in the 2019 and later MacBook Pros and the MacBook Airs onwards from 2020.

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Imagine, paying so much money for a MacBook only for it to have issues due to 3rd party products.

Apple has once again (yes, this has happened more than once) rolled out an update to prevent the devices from malfunctioning due to the 3rd party devices.

There has not been a clear statement on how common or widespread the issue is but according to a poll on reddit, 74 out of 221 users of the MacBook have reportedly had issues with their ports malfunctioning.

I guess Apple is not really a 3rd party friendly device after all. Most of the reports have came from users who used a 3rd party dock from unknown brands. Even though so, event he recognisable brands (that were unstated) had also killed off the ports of the laptop. For its part, Apple calls them “non-compliant powered USB-C hubs and docks” in the new update’s notes.

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Before this, the update that came out was 11.2.1 which was to fix an issue where users were unable to charge their computers if drained to 0% and had caused Apple to recall the MacBook to replace the batteries on it. Similarly, another case was Apple recalled a “small batch” of their Apple Watches which could not charge due to an update that was rolled out.

I’m not an Apple user but this is ridiculous cause you pay so much only for your devices to go faulty, plus their batteries on the phone tend to not last long after a few months of owning the device.

If you do happen to own 3rd party products and frequently plug it into your MacBook, it is recommended for you to download the update which is around 2.17GB (pray that you have space for it).

For extra precaution, before doing any of this, do ensure that you’re properly plugged into a certified Apple power brick as you’ll never know wat could happen to your laptop.

Image via The Verge


Well, I guess no brand is perfect but I’m going to stick to using Windows as it’s never gave me any issues in the past. Hopefully Apple will be able to resolve this issue in no time. And without forgetting, make sure you get the update.

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Credits to The Verge for the initial coverage.

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