Taco Bell Is Finally In Town!

Taco Bell Is Finally In Town!

The wait is over as Taco Bell has officially opened their first store in Malaysia!

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The iconic food chain had deemed Cyberjaya as their first home in Malaysia and it is located at Cottage Walk, Jalan Teknokrat 6, Cyberjaya, 63000 Selangor.


“We are excited to finally bring this youthful and iconic brand to Malaysia, starting with Cyberjaya, our first Taco Bell outlet. The Mexican-inspired cuisine of Taco Bell is most certainly the best in the world from a restaurant chain. The two-storey restaurant design features Taco Bell’s signature iconic styles throughout the building from the rainbow-coloured Taco ceiling to our indoor sun room with high glass panels reflects the brand’s youthful Taco Bell spirit,” said Harris Beh, Taco Bell Malaysia’s Franchise Operator.

One of the cool parts of this outlet is the mural art painted by a local Malaysian artist, Wilson Ng. The concept of it is Taco Bell’s initiative for supporting the local creative community.


The food available is customizable per order for the customers and it also has options for vegetarians. As for the price, they range between RM10.90 to RM15.90 per set and their snacks range from RM3.90 to RM5.90.

You’ll be able to combine them with 6 different sauces at RM1.80 each.


So, here’s what we had!

We had got two type of tacos which were the hard-shell tacos (Taco Supreme) and the soft-shell tacos (Kickin’ Chicken Tacos).  The hard-shell tacos have beef as a protein and the soft shell comes with chicken (as how it’s named lol). All the protein can be changed to grilled chicken, ground chicken or even ground beef. If you don’t eat meat, worry not as they have black beans as the vegetarian option.



Next up we had the Bell Rice Bowl which is a unique take to Malaysian flavours. It is served with rice, chicken, chips, and our local favourite sambal.



One of our personal favourites on the menu (or at least mine) was the Crunchwrap Supreme which is a six-sided wrap which will guarantee to blow your taste buds as it’s packed with all their signature ingredients!


To finish it off, we had their Cinnamon Twists. Not only that this is one of the best things to finish your meal with, but Taco Bell Malaysia also serves a unique drink which is only available in Malaysia (for now) which is their Taco Bell Sparklers! The two flavours offered is Sumer Mint and Strawberry Delight.



Taco Bell will be open from 10AM to 11PM daily and it is available for both dine-in and takeaway. If you’re curious, no it’s not available on Grab Food or Food Panda yet but just wait a bit and I’m sure it will be on it!

For more information, you can check our their social media channels on Facebook, Instagram (@tacobellmalaysia) and Twitter (@tacobellmy).

Here’s a video of our journey there and us reacting to the taste of the food!


Big thank you to Taco Bell Malaysia for inviting us!

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