Son Takes To Social Media To Find His Mother’s Biological Family

Son Takes To Social Media To Find His Mother’s Biological Family
Apr 8, 2021
10:11 am

If there’s one thing we should be thankful for social media is the power of how something can go viral when people seek assistance.

There have been many cases where people share their posts online to get help in finding something or even someone.

In Singapore, a son had taken to social media to assist his mother to find her biological family. Izhar Mohamed shared a post about his mothers’ adoption 50 years ago and he is trying to reconnect with her birth siblings.

Image via Izhar Mohamed (Facebook)


According to Says, his mother had been trying to search for her family for a few years now but they never thought of using social media until now.

Izhar had shared that his mother actually came from a Chinese family.

Her Chinese name is Ng Siew Wah and she was adopted by a Malay family at the age of two on 14 August 1965. She was later named Kahyati Sapuan.

Her foster parents, Sapuan Hj Tikadir and Saminan Walsan lived on 25-D Farrer Road in Singapore and had later moved to Lengkok Bahru. 

Image via Izhar Mohamed (Facebook)


As of now, the mother only has her adoption documents as her only lead. When referring to the document, she could only find that her biological parents names are Ng Ah Cheng and Koh Thit and lived at 170-F, Holland Road.

Aside from that, the only other information they know about her biological parents is that they used to sell vegetables and lived around 10 minutes away from each other.

Image via Izhar Mohamed (Facebook)


Kahyati does remember not being an only child and she really wants to meet her siblings. As of now, Kahyati is 58 years old and Izhar wrote “If any of these names sound familiar to you, please reach out to either me or my mother”.

The only uncertainty for now is if the mother’s biological family is in Malaysia.

See the original Facebook post here:


We hope that social media can help find the biological family as it would be a very sweet reunion for each other. If by chance you know anyone that goes by these names, do contact Izhar on Facebook!



Credits to Says and Social Media for the resources.

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