Family Loses Everything To Fire In 20 Minutes

Family Loses Everything To Fire In 20 Minutes
Apr 21, 2021
1:55 pm

Last week, a family in Subang Jaya had lost their home to a fire after their air conditioning unit had sparked fire.

The incident that happened on the 15th of April was shared on the victims Instagram account. Jarrod Dev said that his parents’ home in USJ 20 had burnt down and their belongings could not have been saved.

His high school friend Rain Lee had decided to post the series of stories on a Facebook group to help inform the public of this incident.

“It burnt everything I’ve owned, from my guitars, my clothes, my laptop, my phone, my tv and my bed” said Jarrod Dev.

He even walked out of the tragedy without any clothes on his back as he was shirtless when the fire broke out.

Image via AirFunding (Cheyenne)


The fire started in the middle of the day while everyone was at home. No one was hurt during the incident.

An old air conditioner had sparked flame and consumed his parents’ clothes and wardrobe which was sitting below it. No one realised the fire started until a smell had travelled to his bedroom and into the dining room. By the time they saw the fire, they noticed that it was too late.

Image via AirFunding (Cheyenne)


Jarrod attempted to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher but was unsuccessful.

His girlfriend, Cheyenne had shared the story of the incident as she started a funding page. As the family was in total shock when they saw the black smoke coming out of the house. She had grabbed the families’ dogs while he grabbed his mom to run away from the fire.

The neighbour had screamed for them to leave the premise and had also called the fire department as they were too shaken from the incident.

By the time the fire fighters arrived, the whole floor was already engulfed in flames and the roof had collapsed. It took the fire fighters about 20 minutes to arrive.

Image via AirFunding (Cheyenne)


According to Says, Jarrod’s father had filed a police report as they had lost many important documents and possessions such as birth certificates, identity cards, pass ports, academic certificates and much more.

It has been estimated that the damage to the house is to be around RM50,000.

The head of the USJ 20 Rukun Tetangga had provided them a home to stay in.

They are thankful to have a roof over their heads and they are trying their best to spend money wisely said Jared.

He’s also grateful that his neighbours have been kind enough to donate clothes and food for them too.

After this incident, he wondered why houses in Malaysia do not have a fire escape plan (in reference to landed properties).

Image via AirFunding (Cheyenne)


 To donate to the crowd funding, which was set up by his girlfriend, click here.

Glad to hear that he and his family is safe and sound. He raised a good question though, why don’t landed homes have properly planned fire escapes? I believe it should be just as important to have one in a home as we may never know what could happen.

What do you think of this? Should more modern homes start implementing a fire escape within the house? Let us know.


Credits to Says and Social Media for the resources.

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