Thai Cop Demoted After Wife Flexes Police Helicopter Ride on TikTok

Thai Cop Demoted After Wife Flexes Police Helicopter Ride on TikTok
Apr 22, 2021
1:59 pm

It is many couples’ dream to be able to ride a romantic helicopter ride together. However not many couples have the luxury to afford such an expensive experience. A joy ride around Kuala Lumpur will set you back anywhere between RM375 - RM1,415!

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But imagine if you and your bae are able to ride a helicopter for free! I’m sure many people would be super envious!


A Thai police officer’s wife couldn’t miss her chance to record and show the world her lucky experience riding a Royal Thai Police helicopter with her husband.  The video that was posted on TikTok was accompanied by LeAnn Rimes' ballad, How Do I Live.

Romantic? (Image via Asia One)


TikTok user Keng pakapawan filmed herself posing in front of the helicopter and making duck faces inside the vehicle with her husband beside her. Her husband is Akkarapol Yeekoh, a detective at Udon Thani police station.


The original video has since been deleted but many copies of it has made it’s rounds on social media, particularly this week, which ultimately caught the attention of the police.

Udon Thani police commander Pitsanu Unhaseri meted out a punishment against Akkarapol, ordering him to be demoted and moved to an inactive post. It was also found that Akkarapol took videos of himself dancing in police uniform and posting them on TikTok which probed further investigations to protect the organization’s image.


Udon Thani Police Headquarters (Image via -


The clip was filmed on 28 Sept, 2019 according to Thai media.


My oh my, A luxury experienced ended up suffering it’s consequences after. The fact that the wife knew they were illegally riding the Royal Thai Police’s helicopter and yet still took a video and posted it on social media made it seem like she’s asking to be caught. However I do not condone any illegal acts. Do not follow their footsteps, everyone!


Credits to Asia One for the initial coverage.

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