A Fitness Coach in Your Ear.

A Fitness Coach in Your Ear.
Jan 23, 2018
7:15 am

Not to be biased towards Samsung, but I gotta say... the new Samsung Gear IconX looks simply amazing; a gift that ANYONE would love to receive.

Retailed for RM799 at all Samsung retailers nationwide.


First edition Gear IconX, released in 2016.


So what's great about the newer edition? Well, seeing as many of you guys already have smart watches with a heart rate sensor, the 2018 Gear IconX will not be having one...BUT.... you will have a longer battery life!

Anyway the main point I was getting to though; for the fitness/gym junkies, personally I get it when you're running alone or in the gym benching without a need someone keep pushing you to push a little more.

Well the new Gear IconX has a built-in "coach" that speaks into your ear and fills you up with motivation to go the extra mile/rep. No joke, I haven't seen any other tech with that thus far and I'm pretty glad Samsung finally did.

Oh and cause we (or at least me) believe at some point that "less is more", it doesn't have any buttons. These wireless earbuds work by tapping, swiping, & speaking. Cool eh??


So don't get me wrong but.. this Gear IconX is definitely on my Wishlist. It cost half the price of the Apple AirPods, but it packs double the punch! 

Here's a tutorial on how to set-up and get yourself back into shape...with style.

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