France is FIFA World Cup 2018 Champion!

France is FIFA World Cup 2018 Champion!
Jul 16, 2018
10:51 am

We apologize to all of those who thought that this year would be the reign of an underdog - in this case, Croatia. Unfortunately, after a VERY ENTERTAINING World Cup Final match, France came out on top!

Final score of the night: FRANCE 4 -2 CROATIA

Though I personally expected France to win the championship, I would definitely have to give big props to the Croatian squad cause they were a pretty tough opponent to beat - so good job!

MYC!'s Vote of the Night:

Man-of-the-Match: Luka Modric & Mario Mandzukic

Idiot-of-the-Match: Hugo Lloris (did you see that kick???)

Best Goal of the Night: Ivan Perisic (Croatia)

Check out the highlights for yourself:

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