READ THIS Before Joining Jatomi Fitness

READ THIS Before Joining Jatomi Fitness
Jul 31, 2018
10:03 am

There's been a whole lot of complaints going about on Jatomi Fitness and its operations... but sh*t gets real when those stuff affects our bank account and our MONEY.

We had also approached one of the many victims, to Jatomi's lack of operation competency, when the gym took a fat amount of $$$ out of his bank account! Wah, liddat oso can ah!?

"I have been a member of Jatomi Fitness (Tropicana City Mall) since 8 May 2017. Upon my registration, your front desk staff have assured me that I am able to make payment via cash throughout my membership duration. I have informed your staff that I do not own any Credit Card & your merchant swipe card machine wasn’t even working – as I have tried by presenting my Debit Card. Therefore, the whole duration ( May 2017 – January 2018) I have been paying by cash." in a email that the victim, Nelson sent to Jatomi Fitness. of which, here is what Jatomi Fitness went on to do -- bear in mind that Jatomi's merchant-card machine was not working and didn't want to accept his payment in cash.

Woah, that's a serious statement! (threat*)

"On multiple occasions from February 2018 , I have gone straight to the front desk to make payment in cash and debit card but was constantly rejected by your staff (Jatomi). Thus, I was unable to access into the gym(from February onwards) due to insufficient payment that I could not made because of your incompetence in providing proper device for debit card and non-acceptance in cash payment." Nelson added in email.

"Why must I pay when I could not use your facilities because of your payment system issues. Furthermore somehow you have debited out RM 528 on (16/07/2018) from my account without my authorisation. The RM 528 have been charged on me are from February 2018 to July 2018 charges. How could your company do this to your clients?"

Since the incident of Jatomi Fitness taking money from Nelson's bank, he has already made a police report against the gym and we hope that the appropriate authorities are able to resolve this matter.

Nelson doesn't seem to be the only one with this issue; however, as they are a number of complaints from other former gym members:

Maybe this is just happening to some unfortunate members, and there may be those of you who are happy at the gym - so don't think that we're trying to persuade you otherwise (cause we're not). But, it never hurts to be aware of all these issues (that also occurs in other gyms too) so you guys can judge for yourself if this may be happening to you as well!

We here at MYC! support health and fitness - meaning all gyms, but we all know that if you touch our money, all hell breaks loose. Guys...and girls... just be aware of this. :)

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