Travel to a Hidden Island in Vietnam for RM90!!

Travel to a Hidden Island in Vietnam for RM90!!
Aug 15, 2018
10:09 am

No, we're not sponsored/paid to say this but AirAsia is providing a direct flight to this dream island in Vietnam for RM90.00!!

So all you travel enthusiasts, get ready for the perfect low-budget island getaway -- which btw, is flying FOUR (4) times a week. 

Booking Period: 8 AUG - 19 AUG 2018
Travel Period: 2 NOV 2018 - 29 MAR 2019

One-way flight to Phú Quốc starts for as low as just RM90.00! Told you it's a low-budget trip :)

Here are some things to look forward to:

1. Longest Cable Car Ride

It's an 8km ride from Phú Quốc Island to Pineapple Island - where you can choose to either chill on the beach or... enjoy the day the water amusement park!

2. Soft white sand at Long Beach

This is the most popular beach on Phú Quốc Island -- where you'll get to enjoy a romantic 20km beach walk with your partner, while enjoying the exquisite view of the clear blue sea and sunsets.

3. Learn about historic Coconut Tree Prison

Coconut Tree Prison plays a major role in the history of the island; especially during the Vietnam War. You'll get to experience the conditions that prison inmates had to endure..

4. Eat & Live like the Locals

It's really actually a fishing village, but that's the beauty of this place. What better way to experience a country than to live like the locals right? Besides, those fishing boats are super cool! Seafood anyone? Oh, once you're done with dinner, it's highly recommended that you check out Bai Vong Port - great for Instagram. You can thank me later.

5. Swing on Palm Trees

Bai Sao Beach would be the place that gives you the best Instagram beach feeds, especially if you wanna take friends/couple shots on a swing that's hanging from the palm trees. If you come here in September/October, you might even get to see starfish on the shore! Another great thing you could do is kite surfing bruhh :)

6. Dive for Corals

Head on over to the southern end of Phú Quốc Island, where you could dive and snorkel around 15 islands that make up An Thoi Archipelago. Grab your GoPro and underwater cameras cause you'll definitely wanna relive the experience again. The water is crystal clear - and it's absolutely beautiful down there.

7. Go Enjoy the Waterfall

Who doesn't love a good waterfall... It may not be the tallest waterfall but I know you'll still check it out nonetheless so... why not right? #YOLO ...and if you get past the waterfall, you'll reach Hang Doi - a bat cave with magnificent natural stalactites...maybe you could turn into Batman? Hmm...

8. Visit a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Fun Fact: 90% of Phú Quốc is actually Phú Quốc National Park is actually half the Island. Enjoy a lovely long stroll along the trails and just bask in the beauty of nature. If you have a drone, time to put your pilot-abilities to the test.

9. Explore the Largest Zoo in Vietnam

Vinpearl Safari and Conservation Park will get you up-close with some of your favourite animals in their natural habitat. Who doesn't love animals..especially if you get to touch 'em!

10. Spice It Up with Peppers

You'll wanna tell your friends and family that you've literally tried the best black pepper in all of Asia right? Well Phú Quốc peppers farm is where you need to be! Take Note: If you wanna take some home for your love ones, buy the uncrushed peppercorns as to maintain the flavour.

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