Two New Outlets myPizzaLab and myBobaLab Opening!

Two New Outlets myPizzaLab and myBobaLab Opening!
Sep 14, 2018
6:03 pm

Hey guys! I know many of you may know about myBurgerLab right?

Well guess what! myBurgerLab is opening two other outlets called 'myPizzaLab' and 'myBobaLab' this September!

Yes! By the title, you already know what I mean. UNIQUE PIZZA! and UNIQUE BUBBLE TEA!

Unlike any other traditional pizza shops and bubble tea, they serve special pizzas like how they serve their special burgers with their pure creativity ideas! 



If you guys are worried that you may not find the place? Fear not! These new outlets will be next to the O.G myBurgerLab in Sea Park so there will be three shops in the same row! 

I am 100% EXCITED! Aren't you?

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