Chinese Tourist made Chaotic Mess in Osaka Rented Flat

Chinese Tourist made Chaotic Mess in Osaka Rented Flat
Sep 15, 2018
1:52 pm

Would you be pissed if someone stays at your home and makes a HUGE mess without cleaning it up?


Well, apparently three Chinese tourist 19 of age visited Osaka for five days and stayed at a flat but left the place filthy with their own mess! 

The flat owner, Cheng, was so shocked to find the state of his apartment looking over beyond dirty and filthy with rotten food and garbage scattered everywhere, when he came in to clean up the following Monday!

Not only that, no no, they didn't just stop there! They also scribbled rude messages in the flats' visitors book and included a drawing of a pile of faeces! 

He even quoted, "I’ve never encountered such a situation before. It costs around 3,000 yen (approx. RM110) in Japan to clean a room that is this filthy" Cheng quoted.

He filed a complaint on the booking platform and requested them to pay twice the cleaning fee.

The tourists were not willing to pay the extra cleaning fee and all they said was,

"We paid money to stay here, not to clean it. This isn’t our home so we don’t need to clean it for you."


Cheng was so angry that he took this to social media to vent his frustrations out about the tourists, and they soon received immense backlash from Chinese netizens for their disrespectful and inconsiderate behaviour! 

Sooo after whole drama, the tourist has decided to come up with an apology to the flat owner and are discussing the issue.

But in all seriousness, we need to be considerate and respectful to where we staying at even only for short period of time!

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