Eating Spicy Ramen Every Week Will Damage Your Intestines!

Eating Spicy Ramen Every Week Will Damage Your Intestines!
Sep 19, 2018
1:56 am

Hey peeps, you know that viral spicy ramen challenge people do on youtube? It isn't healthy to eat maggie or instant noodles in general every week! Especially the spicy ones! 

So this happened three years ago but was posted on 15 September 2018 as a reminder that ramen ain't good for you!

A husband shared it on facebook about how his wife was having severe stomach issues after eating spicy ramen for nearly every week! 

The husband wrote,

"My wife would finish the entire bowl without drinking a sip of water and she said it wasn’t spicy at all. I was indeed impressed by her (spiciness tolerance). In the end, RM10,000 was spent on one night to insert a camera into her stomach to identify the cause of her stomach ache, as she was going through excruciating pain."

Walao! Your spicy tolerance is so high man! Somemore can say it wasn't spicy at all?! (coming from someone who can't take spicy food)

Anyway! The husband said that the camera and X-ray both showed was a wound on the intestine becasue of frequently eating extremely spicy food! 

Thank goodness the wound was small but it was still pretty dangerous to have a wound in your intestines! 

You know what to avoid next time guys! Don't eat ramen every week! Especially the gila spicy ones!

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