Hangout in Melbourne CBD - with just AUD$5!

Hangout in Melbourne CBD - with just AUD$5!
Sep 28, 2018
12:25 pm

by Mitchell Wong.

So I went to Melbourne, Australia for 10 days to visit family and take some time off work (shh don't tell my boss or I'm out of a job...), and while checking out some cool hipster spots in the city (yes, including back alleys and hidden entrances too...), I stumbled upon what seemed to be like the Australian version of Meeples - and it's called Queen of Spades.

Now what's so cool about this place is that you just need to pay AUD$5 per person and you can boardgames-and-chill for AS LONG AS YOU WANT!

That's not all, during Happy Hours, you can order either a choice of house white/red wine or Aussie lager for just AUD$6 - so you can tell that I got friggin' excited - (I ordered more than I'm proud to admit... shh..)

I think what made this place stand out for me is the fact that you can have endless hours of boardgames-fun with friends for just RM15.00 per head + very affordable booze + food/snacks...

It's like a man-cave that every guy would kill for don't you think?

If you're ever in Melbourne, check this place out cause trust me, you'll love it...even more than your favourite cafe. I'll drop details here so you can check it out for yourself:

WHERE: 189 Smith St, 3065 Fitzroy, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

OPERATING HOURS: 11.00 AM - LATE | Closed on MON

For more info: Instagram Facebook

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