GIRLS .. with more GUY Friends. SLUT ? Yes or No?

GIRLS .. with more GUY Friends. SLUT ? Yes or No?
Oct 8, 2018
11:25 am

by Marissa Duclos

We like the Attention… so what’s wrong again?

No! Just because we have lots of guy friends, it doesn’t mean we sleep with them.

We girls who often hang out with a gang of guys are mistaken as "sl*ts" or "playgirls" - which gets very annoying for us.

We do like hanging out with girls but often times we can’t click with girls like how we click with the boys y'know...

You can kinda say that we do like the attention - to feel protected by our bros and we feel super happy when guy friends sometimes pay for our meals too! *hint hint guys!*

Who knew that being socially loud could be perceived so wrongly *sigh*... 

We are all in a #nodatezone, so even though guys would have crushes on us, it won't ever develop to anything more than just really close friends.


Btw, we’re not lesbians just because we have lots of guy friends. Most of us would get a lot of stares in public when we’re the only girl in a group of guys.


...but don’t worry; we’re all used to it because we really don’t care of what others may think of us.

We have our bros like you have your sisters!

Bros before hoes am I right?

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