How Art Changes MY Generation

How Art Changes MY Generation
Oct 8, 2018
4:09 pm

by Ashraf Nisfudin

The arts have the potential to play a distinct and unique role in bringing the ideals of quality education into practice.

As a creative medium, be it in forms of theatre performances, music, films or paintings... the arts stimulate cognitive development, encourages innovative thinking and creativity - giving rise to understanding the importance of cultural diversity and reinforce behavior patterns underlying social tolerance.

The media is a powerful tool, regardless if it's consciously or subconsciously, we would be easily influenced by the content... but also depending how it is presented.

Contemporary art is often a mirror that distorts and reveals the spectacle of contemporary society. It amplifies and distils public and personal concerns and re-contextualizes them into unique viewing experiences.

KAMI The Movie is a 2008 Malaysian drama film directed by Effendee Mazlan and Fariza Azlina Isahak. It started out as a television series and due to demands, turned into a box office movie.

It left a huge impact on millennials as it opened doors to a new vision on how we perceive reality. The film touches real life issues that we see happening in our daily lives.

KAMI plays an important role in the musical revolution history in Malaysia.

From kids stuck in the era of listening to 90’s “rock kapak” and moved on to listening to more Malaysian indie bands.

The film gave a realization, if not knowing so already to dig deeper to what Malaysia have, as it displays and presents not only local acts, but also local underground gig venues.

From top bands like Hujan, Meet Uncle Hussein, Bittersweet, Couple, Pure Vibration to local underground bands like Bliz, Julie Goes Oversea, Iqbal M, The Fridays and many more.

Local venues such as One Cafe, Paul's Place, Soundmaker Studio, Laundry Bar, Embrace Hall, MCPA Hall are places that aren't shy about projecting the voices of the local music scene.

Without films like this giving exposure to young Malaysians, many might not even know about these bands or places - which would be quite a loss, cause hey, we Malaysians are pretty great too.

In result, the film revolutionized an entire scene of a country and changed how they think, comprehend and explore. It was a complete game changer and a chance for us to up our game in our local creative scene here in Malaysia. 

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