Life in a Day of your Friend with Dyslexia

Life in a Day of your Friend with Dyslexia
Oct 8, 2018
4:52 pm

by Marissa Duclos

Firstly, sorry to disappoint - We’re not talking about STD.

Admit it, we all have that one friend who is slow and struggles to catch up with other peoples' standards - grammar and spelling so bad that you need to help fix it before publishing it online, not understanding simple statements or instructions you tell them to do.

Don’t get impatient, It’s not their fault!

They are trying their hardest and their best to keep up because they are dyslexic.

1. They are terrible at grammar and spelling. They will always need to depend on spell-check whenever they write something, like an essay or an email. So don’t get annoyed if they ask you for help on checking their spellings and their grammar.

2. Whenever you and your group of friends tell a joke, your dyslexic friend will be too slow to know what’s going on or won’t get it at all! Either because they’re distracted with something else, or they really don’t get it so you have to explain to them twice till they understand.

3. Don’t bother asking what their favourite novels are because they don’t like reading. Some dyslexics love reading because no one is rushing them to complete a book. However, when they are reading something, their head gets dizzy, stomach aches, and go through a fatigue.

4. Whenever you plan an outing with your friends, don’t be disappointed or mad when your dyslexic friend shows up late. They have a bad sense of direction and bad time management. However, when they are used to the place, they’ll never forget and they’ll probably show up way too early.

5. Many dyslexics have many histories regarding their past. Some are secretive and some are open with their past. Let a dyslexic share a story or two. Their most common stories can revolve around daily struggles, or a more directed vent towards an issue that they currently face.

So what do we need to do? Let’s start with creating an awareness around this taboo of a subject.

Dyslexia should be treated as a social norm rather that a disorder. We ought to help rather than avoid a someone in need.

How about you? What do you think you can do to help a fellow friend today?

To really know more and understand how it feels like to be dyslexic, watch this movie, Taare Zameen Par (Every Child Is Special).

It's over 2 hours long so... find time to really concentrate on it.

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