Oct 8, 2018
5:23 pm

by Marissa Duclos

Worried about the bills? Forgot to feed the fish back home? Meeting is at 9.05 am but you are still stuck in traffic at 8.50 am? Worried about whether you have locked your car door after locking it more than 3 times? These are common things we believe causes us stress.

We are learning to cooperate with the situation to create a solution.

However, there are instances where some people break down from just deciding where to have lunch later that day.

Yes, anxiety has a serious effect towards our society today. They carry the burden of focusing all their thoughts into a single factor that could throw them off the edge.

So what do we need to do to help our neighbours, colleagues, or even a family member that is coping with anxiety. We started by asking them how it feels...

1. Anxiety doesn't always manifest in obviously-anxious ways. It's not always shaking, sweating, or heavy breathing.

2. We’re not antisocial... We just overthink what to say and how to act because we’re anxious. We don't want to embarrass ourselves so we just don't say anything at all.

3. Anxiety comes in waves. It is not necessarily constant thinking; it happens physically. Some days you are fine but all of a sudden it would trigger for no apparent reason like chest pain or nausea.

4. Different situations cause different levels of anxiety. Do not force us to do something we’re not comfortable with. Just because we’re comfortable with one thing, it doesn’t mean we’re comfortable with something else.

5. All we need is your patience and someone we can rant our thoughts to. You don’t have to do anything to calm us down, we just need you to listen.

6. We don’t want you to push us away when we don’t go to your social gatherings or parties. We would love to go, but we have trouble stepping out of our house. Our anxiety pulls us back in our rooms and we will just shut down doing nothing and regretting not going and worrying about everything.

Anxiety shouldn’t be taken lightly and same goes for depression as well - because the two sometimes comes together. If you need help, please seek help.

If you need any advice on anxiety, click HERE.

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