Fancy being in the Mafioso World of Chicago 1940’s USA (for an Evening in Puchong)?

Fancy being in the Mafioso World of Chicago 1940’s USA (for an Evening in Puchong)?

by Mitch W

It was date night and we found this place on Google - with intention to just have a few drinks, play pool and chill...

Never did we expect to walk in with our jaws dropped to the floor!

Welcome to what looks like a mafia's den - called Olympian Bar (yes the name is a whole lot less intimidating...we know) in Puchong.

The first reaction we had when we walked up the front door was " Sh*t! Confirm damn expensive liao lo!" but to our surprise, you can actually grab a drink and play pool and darts for a reasonable price.

If you walk in wearing singlet, shorts & slippers, you'll definitely feel under-dressed here - but you don't need to be part of the "rich-and-famous" to enjoy the place. Instead, if you're not part of the "rich-and-famous" gang, take the opportunity to know how to feels like to chill like 'em lo...

Yeah it's a non-halal place - but if you don't drink, it's not wrong to join in the fun kan?

There are fun games there too like darts, foosball and pool - perfect for a fun chillax spot with your date and friends.

Also, if you're looking for more of a drink-sambil-chill kinda environment, sit at the main lounge and enjoy music from live bands performing at night!

Practically, this place has something for everybody. I think it would be a waste for you to not go check it out at the least - and you can always refer back to me for more cool places like this to hangout!

I'll drop details here so you can dress up and take your date out tonight maybe(?)

WHERE: 63, Jalan Layang-Layang 2, Puchong 47100



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