Youtube (Streaming) Gaming is a Career Now?

Youtube (Streaming) Gaming is a Career Now?
Oct 12, 2018
7:52 pm

by Marissa Duclos

We used to believe that playing too much video games won’t get you anywhere in life. It was all study study study and work hard either as a lawyer, doctor, or all those occupations our Asian parents expected us to be.


Time has changed. You actually earn money by playing games now but with the correct way of doing so. You definitely won’t earn a living by playing games without proper ways. You record yourself on youtube by creating Youtube channels, getting on Twitch, Live streaming, or entering game tournaments like e sports (electronic sports).

Yes! E sports is a thing now! People earn thousands of cash by competing against other players. Dota, League of Legends, Mobile Legends, or Fortnite and other competitive games.



Yup! The gaming industry is HUGE

Playing games is a profession now! With good wifi and good camera with good lighting, people will watch you play! Take Pewdiepie, Sssniperwolf or any famous youtubers/gamers for an example. They earn loads of money and fame by just gaming and creating good content for viewers.


But having the thought of being active on youtube just for the money isn’t really a good way to start. If you love creating content for your viewers and love to make your viewers happy, your viewers will love you for you!

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