Apple or Android?

Apple or Android?
Oct 18, 2018
3:07 pm

by Ashraf Nisfudin

Google's Android and Apple's iOS are operating systems used primarily in mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets. Some may claim that androids are more beneficial because it has longer battery life and customizable, and some might even say that Apple’s iOS is more user friendly. Who would win? Here are some of my opinions as a former iPhone user(now using android) on what I think of the differences.

Going back to when it all started, the Apple iOS was build a year prior to Android. In July 2007, Apple’s iOS was released and a year after in September 2008 Android was launched. Android definitely took some notes on what Apple failed to deliver and improved on certain areas of the program.

In terms of customizability, Android is way more flexible in this as it can change a lot and almost anything while Apple is very limited to what it can do unless it has been jailbroken. Android features more than 100 languages as Apple only has 34 languages featured.

It is also easier to transfer files from a Samsung rather than an iPhone as it is more accessible. Just by using a USB port, you can easily transfer files from the device to the PC/laptop using the Android File Transfer desktop application and also other related software. You are only limited to using the iTunes desktop app to transfer files for Apple iOS.

Google’s Android is available on many devices of phones and tablets. Major manufacturers are Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and Sony. For Apple’s iOS, it is only limited to their own Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Macbook and such. I personally find it a bit limited for the users but I also understand the reason they are doing this is to preserve the quality of the product and to have that so called exclusivity - quite strategic for a marketing plan but a bit of a burden for the users.

Now to one of the most important subjects when it comes to choosing a phone device, which will be memory and battery life. In terms of memory storage it always depends on the type or series of device you purchase. The higher the number the bigger the memory space. But for the battery life, many Android phone manufacturers equip their devices with large batteries with a longer life while Apple batteries are generally not as big as the largest Android batteries. However, Apple is able to squeeze a decent battery life via hardware/software optimizations. But based on my experience using an iPhone, I feel that it is made to last only for a certain period of time. Sorry Apple.

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