Hot Gamer Chicks!

Hot Gamer Chicks!
Oct 19, 2018
3:28 pm

Marissa Duclos

All you sickos out there, you know who you are. You clicked here for a reason didn’t you?

Fear not! Here are hot gamer chicks that you should stalk:


Pinda Rika Dorji: PindaPanda

She is a Bhutanese Youtuber.

Plays Dota 2.

eSports aficionado and personality on Astro eGG (the first 24/7 e-sport channel in Southeast Asia) and she’s based in Malaysia!


Jamie Horan: iGUMDROP

She is a Malaysian-American Twitch streamer.

Plays League of Legends

She is a Twitch live streamer that is known throughout social media as iGumDrop. She would earn 90,000 followers on the network!


Donna Visca

She is an Indonesian gamer, who I think frankly looks a little like me...

Plays Dota 2 and recently played AOV, Mobile Legends, and PUBG.

Donna has 131k followers on Instagram, another 67k on her Facebook page, and 16k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Right now she is a brand ambassador for Asus Republic of Gamers and talent for Mineski.

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