This Guy is the Luckiest Man Alive!

This Guy is the Luckiest Man Alive!
Nov 26, 2018
12:19 pm

Running marathons are already dangerously painful...for those of you who haven't tried it yet...


This one particular marathoner actually escaped death yesterday (Sunday, 25 NOV 2018) during a marathon in Penang!

Cheng Kean Wee's life was saved by his pacer balloon when a lightning had struck it instead of him...roughly about 3km away from the 42km finish line.

The lightning strike had totally destroyed the whole balloon and even melting part of the strap!

WOW... imagine if it had caught him instead yo...

Well... as an icing on the cake to what could have been a horrendous night for Cheng, this lucky marathoner completed the 42km race in 4 hours 29 minutes!

We're just glad that...

1) He didn't get fried by the lightning strike.

2) No one else was hurt cause the organisers cancelled the race after 10KM.

3) Cheng managed to complete the race of a lifetime (literally...)


Any lucky numbers here to buy guys?

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