MYC! Friend Jihin Radzuan Dominates at ONE FC

MYC! Friend Jihin Radzuan Dominates at ONE FC

by Mitchell W.

She may look petite and friendly but you definitely do not wanna get on her bad side -- as you'll clearly see in the video in a short moment.

We just want the fight-world to meet our friend Jihin 'Shadowcat' Radzuan from Johor -- and despite her size and beautiful appeal, this fast-moving, hard-hitting MMA fighter is one to be respected both in and out of the ring.

FUN FACT: Jihin earned her nickname 'Shadowcat' cause she always brings her cats to training sessions.

Jihin upped her ONE FC professional fight record to 4-0-0 last night with a win over Chinese Taipei fighter Jenny Huang in a 3 rounds bout via unanimous decision.


Not to be biased just cause she's a friend, but definitely do support your local Malaysian fighter cause you know as a fact that we have what it takes to conquer the pentagon in ONE FC.

Here are the highlights of the fight last night:

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