Najib Says "No Thanks" .. Malaysians say Thank God !

Najib Says "No Thanks" .. Malaysians say Thank God !
Dec 20, 2018
11:28 am

Surprising enough, former UMNO president (..and also our former PM) Najib Razak has REJECTED even the slightest of possibility that he will return as de facto leader in the party -- as proposed by UMNO's Lokman Noor Adam. 


“I would like to say thank you for the trust but I do not have any intention or desire to become a de facto leader,” Najib said.

You're probably wondering why that position is suddenly vacant, seeing as Ahmad Zahid Hamidi won that seat right?

Turns out that Najib isn't the only politician facing multiple charges of corruption, money laundering and criminal breach of trust...

The Hot Seat is currently being kept warm by Zahid's deputy, Mohamad Hasan.

Following another post by Najib, he states that he is in full support of Mohamad and will provide full assistance and other UMNO leaders -- while applauding Zahid for his "noble action"...

“As the president, elected through the democratic process by the party, this is a huge personal sacrifice and is not an easy thing for him to do.”

Well as for the rest of us, we're just glad that Najib isn't taking up the role.

This may probably be the only decision he has made for the country's sake.

So, for that, THANK YOU NAJIB!


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