Committing Suicide due to Inability to handle Work stress: Learning Skills needed or Easy Escape?

Committing Suicide due to Inability to handle Work stress: Learning Skills needed or Easy Escape?
Dec 31, 2018
9:20 am

by Mitchell W.

I've been told too often that I'm too insensitive to bring up this discussion but I have a serious question to ask:

Committing Suicide over "Stress": Stupid or Justified?

Definitely not an intention to bring up such a morbid subject during New Year's Eve, but really... when you hear of all these cases and the explanations provided over these incidences, what do you really think about it?

Let's take the most recent of cases for instance; when a woman jumped off the first floor of Sunway Pyramid -- explanation being that she was facing too much "work stress"...

Her body was found on LG2 at 11.20AM last Friday.

The story that I heard was that the 30-year-old woman apparently went to the restroom with her sister, and her sister got worried after waiting for a long while outside the restroom once she was done -- only to find the body of her sister 3 storeys below -.-

What kinda "stress" could possibly drive her to leap off the first floor?

This incident doesn't only cause a big security issue for the mall, but imagine the kind of trauma that she must've put her sister into.

Hence my question: Justified or Stupid?

Sure my question may deeply impact many -- especially those who have friends or family members who committed suicide, but this is something for young Malaysians to ponder.

You have family and friends who love you, and counsellors whose job is to help you during a difficult period in life -- so why take a "short-cut in life" without thinking of the consequences beforehand?

So I would apologize to those who feel offended by this article, but really... is Suicide really the answer?

I've personally had friends who have committed suicide too, so this serious matter becomes a major concern to all of us...

What kinda message are we conveying to the younger children?

So for the sake of discussion and hopefully finding a better solution to help everyone, let us know what do you think on the matter by telling us in the comment box below.

Is SUICIDE the Best Solution to your Life Problems?

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