[THROWBACK] 10 Best Smartphones of 2018

[THROWBACK] 10 Best Smartphones of 2018
Jan 2, 2019
9:35 am

by Mitchell W.

Smartphones are so important to us that we chase after the latest trending one -- more than we do after a guy/girl that we like...

C'mon, it's our best friend and our "Millennial way" to stay connected with the world out there without getting off our asses.

So here's a quick-share on what are The Best Smartphones of 2018:

1. Samsung Note 9

No surprise that the Note 9 has also earned the title of Most Powerful Smartphone of 2018 - with up to 1TB of storage available for you store all your memories of the year... and more. It's technically a business-class phone but once you've tried playing PUBG on this bad boy, you'll easily be holding the best phone right there. 

VERDICT: [9.5/10] It's a great-looking phone to appear work-ready...but secretly, you have a powerful gaming device as well. You'll definitely have more power at your fingertips than you'll need -- no pun intended :)

Mitch's Note: When I got this phone, it easily became my most prized posession. Not only does it feel great in my hand, but it's processor is powerful enough to earn me many "chicken dinners" over the past month cause it doesn't overheat easily and it's display screen size makes the experience so much better -- it's so much better than my previous daily driver, the Samsung Galaxy S7. P/s: Not for you if you have really small hands *hehe*


2. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

When you first came across this smartphone, lets be honest -- your reaction would've been "FULAO DAMN EXPENSIVE FOR A HUAWEI WEII!!!" with a RM3,599 price tag. Yeah it's pricey but then again, you'd pay a premium price for a premium phone right? With the odd-looking camera display, its camera performance has been superiorly impressive than a lot of other powerhouse smartphone in the market, and also not forgetting the latest 980 Kirin chipset. Don't wanna lug around a heavy DSLR when you travel? The Mate 20 Pro's monochrome lens has been replaced with a wide-angle lens so that you now have telephoto, wide-angle, and standard camera functionality -- making it a great companion for your trips and impressive Instagram feeds.

VERDICT: [9.0/10] I was questioning this phone when it first was first released, with issues reported on battery problems and internal software glitches, but since I've tested it out for myself, guess it was just due to a faulty unit. It is definitely something I would want as a social media photographer and a vlogger though...

Mitch's Note: I may already have the Note 9 as my daily driver, but I wouldn't mind if someone got me this for my birthday gift maybe (?) It would be great for my 2019 Travel plans!


3. Google Pixel 3XL

Another smartphone that strikes as an amazing camera phone -- but would you expect anything less from Google? Many ask "if it's such a great camera phone, why is it ranked lower than the Mate 20 Pro?" Well from a personal standpoint, I could probably say that its design may not be as pleasing to the eye than the Mate 20 Pro(?) Just a thought tho... It's a huge phone, I'll admit, with a 6.3" display screen and a pretty annoying notch (which you can hide btw), but once you've tested the camera work... I'm definitely sure that the outer appearance will be the least of your problems. 

VERDICT: [8.9/10] The 'Night Sight' feature is definitely a BIG PLUS for the Pixel 3XL, that you probably won't need to use the flash to shoot pictures at night. It may not havew the "WOW SO NICE" factor when it comes to the outer appearance but knowing true Android lovers, nothing says Android better than a smartphone from Google.


4. iPhone XS Max

Truly the most unfortunate thing about iPhones is the pricepoint to buy one. The iPhone XS Max is the Most Expensive Smartphone of 2018, with a price tag starting from RM5,399 up to RM7,049! However, if you have deep pockets, the iPhone XS Max is actually very pleasant to look at and the latest Apple A12 Bionic chipset sets a new benchmark for all Apple users. There's nothing new/impressive to justify the 6.5" display screen other than if you wanna compare "My Phone is Bigger than Yours" with your friends -- cause it is HUGE... even in the eyes of an Andoid user.

VERDICT: [8.9/10] Does it look premium? Yes, for sure. Is it worth the heavy price tag? Well, if you ever buy one, let us know cause none of us here at MYC! can afford it. Even our boss uses a Note 9 as a daily driver.


5. OnePlus 6T

Prior to the OnePlus 5T, no one really considered a OnePlus phone...and now the 6T is here to challenge the industry's big boys for supremacy. Like the Huawei, it's slowly creepin' up the ranks -- especially with its higher price tag than the usual OnePlus units. What makes the OnePlus 6T a big time player in the smartphone industry are the specs being offered -- specs that you'd pay RM3,000++ for, you can have the same for under RM3,000! Difference between the OnePlus 6 & the OnePlus 6T is the unlock finger sensor - 6 being at the back, while the 6T is in the the Mate 20 Pro.

VERDICT: [8.9/10] The only thing that stopped me from buying the 6T is that none of the OnePlus smartphones are water-resistant certified. Though there have been no complaints on the matter, I'd wisely choose to be safe than sorry. However, it does look phenomenal and works like a charm so if you're "allergic to water", this should be on your list.


6. Huawei P20 Pro

Ok, now this piece of brilliance truly changed the game for camera phones. The impeccable quality of images & videos that you can capture with the P20 Pro is outta this world and really, if you haven't tried it out, you've missed out on a grand piece of tech of 2018. Even with the release of its cousin, the Mate 20 Pro, the P20 Pro is still worth buying -- for the sole purpose that it is an exciting smartphone to use.

VERDICT: [8.9/10] It is a definite MUST BUY...or even a MUST TRY at the least la... Trust me, you'll have so much fun with this one that you'll wanna buy it if you haven't already. A real solid piece of tech that deserves recognition for making 2018 great -- just that the reveal of the newer and younger Mate 20 Pro has pushed this phone down the ranks...

Mitch's Note: It's so good that MYC!'s boss has this too, apart from the Samsung Note 9 and an iPhone too... #geekmode


7. Samsung S9 Plus

It is practically the Note 9 - without the S Pen + high price tag. The S9 Plus is another brilliant piece of technology, proving why Samsung is the front runner in the tech game, without losing a step. You get an improved Bixby Assist, super slow motion support, and just a whole lot more Samsung fun! Really, no one we know using the S9 Plus has given a poor review and that proves that Samsung is keeping their people satisfied and proud.

VERDICT: [8.8/10] The S9 Plus may be big, but wouldn't be as big as the Note 9 - so it keeps the phone single-handed-friendly. Not everyone needs the S Pen so you shouldn't have to pay more for something you wouldn't use. Is it close to a perfect smartphone? You betcha!


8. LG V40 ThinQ

LG barges in as a true underdog in this tech really. The LG V40 ThinQ is just like the Note 9 -- having everything but the kitchen sink included. It has 5 cameras, 3 at the back and 2 in the front; including a wide-angle camera that also adds a telephoto lens to the standard lens option so you can do just about anything you want, including snapping once to take three photos, with this new flagship phone. Btw, if you're an audiophile, consider this cause the Boombox speaker is CRAAAZYYY!

VERDICT: [8.7/10] Truly, it's time to give the underdog some limelight cause the V40 ThinQ is impressive for a smartphone which brand usually get shut out. You're up for a surprise with this one for sure. Give it a go and try one at any LG store near you!


9. Sony Xperia XZ3

This really is the best looking Sony Xperia smartphone that I've seen from Sony. The XZ3 impresses with a spec sheet coming close to the likes of the Google Pixel 3XL. Besides, the 6" OLED display screen make the phone a lot friendlier for single-handed users and it's about time we see a beautiful curved design for the screen. It didn't make it up our Top 5 list due to the poor placement of the finger scanner, but overall, it's a good day for Sony Xperia fans out there.

VERDICT: [8.3/10] The 13 MP front camera would make a pretty solid selfie cam and the fact that its price ranges from RM2,729 to have 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage, that should do -- being the minimum of expectations. Minus a few points for a small 3,300 mAh battery though :/


10. iPhone XR

For those of you wanting to keep up with the latest Apple fad but don't have pockets deeper than your beach shorts, the iPhone XR would have definitely been on your list. It's a downgraded version of the iPhone X/XS/XS Max but still an Apple product all the same, if you're into that. Why this made it into our list is because though it is a downgraded iPhone, the presence of the Apple A12 Bionic chipset and face unlock spec have at least kept the smartphone up to date with the trends...OH and it also helps that its battery is BIGGER than the XS & MX Max.

VERDICT: [8.0/10] Improved battery life is definitely a plus, especially for mobile phone gamers -- knowing how PUBG players would continuously play without realizing how much battery they have left. For RM3,849, I guess it's the "cheapest" you need to pay for the latest Apple experience.


Let us know what do you think of this review and give us your take on what do you think were the best smartphones of 2018.

Comment in the section below now and share your thoughts!

Paramitha Aryananda Tioputri Waiting for the best smartphones in 2019 XD
Fiqa i'm using Iphone XR and it is Awesome :)) at least no fake filter.
Vanei Koh Iphone always ><!
Jason Ko My Vote .. Samsung Note 9 !

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