Fastest Win in Boxing History

Fastest Win in Boxing History
Jan 2, 2019
5:30 pm

by Mitchell W.

This ain't MMA so you know it is rare for a quick finish in the game of boxing -- well, unless you're Floyd Mayweather that is.

After his boxing match victory over MMA phenom Conor McGregor, 41-year-old Floyd "The Money Fight" Mayweather isn't done yet proving to doubter why he is #1 in the boxing ring. 

His recent match against Japan's #1 World Kickboxing champ Tenshin Nasukawa just made another statement to the world, with a victory over the Tokyo martial artist.

Take note that Mayweather is 41, while the Japanese kickboxer is half is age (20) -- so technically, Nasukawa should've been faster, stronger, and more agile in every way...if only he wasn't taking on a World Boxing champ la...

The match ended before it actually began, with Nasukawa's corner throwing in the towel after 2.18 mins in the FIRST ROUND!

Nasukawa was knocked down 3 times before his team couldn't stand to watch the humiliation any longer.

What can we say? The veteran still has some fight left in him...

Here's the quickest boxing match you can watch:

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